Prof. Chee Wong gives speech at Integrated Supply Chain Conference

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Chee Wong gave an invited speech about this research project at the practitioner conference “Integrated Supply Chain” in London on 17th October 2013. Integrated Supply Chain is a networking and knowledge sharing platform in the form of an “integrated Learning Programme” which delivers a comprehensive understanding of how to improve your supply chain, IT, procurement, purchasing and logistics processes and operations. Working with the Supply Chain Council, Integrated Supply Chain brings together thought leaders, academics, analysts, end-users and supplier organisations from within the supply chain industry, who help senior management within medium and large enterprise organisations understand what strategies and solutions they need to employ in order to achieve supply chain operational excellence. Speakers for the event included Supply Chain Managers and Directors from CISCO, ASDA, BAE, Heineken and GSK, among others.

Chee's bookChee’s speech “Integrating environmental sustainability into supply chains: How to make it work?” was well received. In it, he explains how best-practice companies achieve better environmental performance and financial performance through:

  •  Internal integration for green supply chain management
  •  Suppler integration for green supply chain management
  •  Customer integration for green supply chain management
  •  Stakeholder coordination for green supply chain management

The presentation is based on lessons learned from this project. Some of the case examples about the above best practices are further elaborated in Chee’s co-authored book “Sustainable Logistics and Supply Chain Management”.

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