What is the aim of this research?

This research aims to identify effective practices of green supply chain integration (GSCI) that can simultaneously improve operational and environmental performance of firms from developing and developed countries (Hong Kong/China, Thailand and UK).

What are the objectives of this research?

  1. To determine the direct operational and environmental performance implications of GSCI practices in both developed and developing countries;
  2. To determine the complementary effects of various GSCI practices that can simultaneously improve operational and environmental performance;
  3. To determine how GSCI practices and its impacts on operational and environmental performance can be affected by regulation, competitive priority and supply chain structure;
  4. To inform operations and supply chain managers means to coordinate their environmental practices for effectively achieving both operational and environmental performance through effective GSCI practices; and
  5. To inform green policy makers and industrial leaders the effective regulatory, competitive landscape, supply chain structure and other factors which promote or inhibit GSCI practices.