Dr. Mina Said-Allsopp appointed as Research Fellow

We are delighted to announce that Dr. Muhaimina (Mina) Said-Allsopp has joined Centre for Operations and Supply Chain Research Centre (COSCR) at Leeds University Business School (LUBS) as a Research Fellow for this project.

Mina’s research interests lie in the role of Global Value Chains in development and their impact on worker empowerment, with a particular focus on gender and the role of businesses located in international supply chains. Tangential to this, she is interested in the strengths and weaknesses of Standards and Certification as tools for measuring the sustainability performance of companies and how these can be made more effective tools for monitoring and measuring compliance to ideals of environmental, social and business performance.

Mina is very excited about the post-doc opportunity; she said, “What drives me is the knowledge that, as an academic, I am uniquely placed to be able to gather, generate and disseminate knowledge about supply chains and how they could be made to work better. During my PhD, I really enjoyed the opportunity to work with companies to try and deal with some of the problems that my research uncovered and knowing that I could make a difference (however small) to the lives of marginalised people. I look forward to being able to continue this engagement with stakeholders as well as the generation of new knowledge in my job here at LUBS”.