Prof. Chee Wong gives speech at Integrated Supply Chain Conference

Mina : 28 October 2013

Who should attend integrated supply chain 2013


Chee Wong gave an invited speech about this research project at the practitioner conference “Integrated Supply Chain” in London on 17th October 2013. Integrated Supply Chain is a networking and knowledge sharing platform in the form of an “integrated Learning Programme” which delivers a comprehensive understanding of how to improve your supply chain, IT, procurement, purchasing and logistics processes and operations. Working with the Supply Chain Council, Integrated Supply Chain brings together thought leaders, academics, analysts, end-users and supplier organisations from within the supply chain industry, who help senior management within medium and large enterprise organisations understand what strategies and solutions they need to employ in order to achieve supply chain operational excellence. Speakers for the event included Supply Chain Managers and Directors from CISCO, ASDA, BAE, Heineken and GSK, among others.

Chee's bookChee’s speech “Integrating environmental sustainability into supply chains: How to make it work?” was well received. In it, he explains how best-practice companies achieve better environmental performance and financial performance through:

  •  Internal integration for green supply chain management
  •  Suppler integration for green supply chain management
  •  Customer integration for green supply chain management
  •  Stakeholder coordination for green supply chain management

The presentation is based on lessons learned from this project. Some of the case examples about the above best practices are further elaborated in Chee’s co-authored book “Sustainable Logistics and Supply Chain Management”.

If you are interested in the speech please contact

Dr Mina Said-Allsopp presenting a paper at the “Gender and Responsible Business” Symposium – 20th June

Mina : 18 June 2013

Mina will be presenting her paper  “An empowering workplace? Women workers’ experiences in Kenyan agricultural export industries”. at the Annual International Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility (ICCSR) Symposium at Nottingham University on Thursday the 20th of June. The theme of this year’s Symposium is “Gender and Responsible Business”.

Mina’s paper draws from her research on Female Empowerment within Global Value Chains by analysing how a Best Practice Horticultural Firm in Kenya has integrated Gender issues into their CSR strategy, providing lessons on how empowerment can be facilitated by companies operating within GVCs. It also identifies some positive changes as well as challenges to empowerment from the perspective of women workers.

Dr. Mina Said-Allsopp appointed as Research Fellow

Chee : 15 June 2013

We are delighted to announce that Dr. Muhaimina (Mina) Said-Allsopp has joined Centre for Operations and Supply Chain Research Centre (COSCR) at Leeds University Business School (LUBS) as a Research Fellow for this project.

Mina’s research interests lie in the role of Global Value Chains in development and their impact on worker empowerment, with a particular focus on gender and the role of businesses located in international supply chains. Tangential to this, she is interested in the strengths and weaknesses of Standards and Certification as tools for measuring the sustainability performance of companies and how these can be made more effective tools for monitoring and measuring compliance to ideals of environmental, social and business performance.

Mina is very excited about the post-doc opportunity; she said, “What drives me is the knowledge that, as an academic, I am uniquely placed to be able to gather, generate and disseminate knowledge about supply chains and how they could be made to work better. During my PhD, I really enjoyed the opportunity to work with companies to try and deal with some of the problems that my research uncovered and knowing that I could make a difference (however small) to the lives of marginalised people. I look forward to being able to continue this engagement with stakeholders as well as the generation of new knowledge in my job here at LUBS”.

Launch of Centre for Operations and Supply Chain Research (COSCR) website

Chee : 15 June 2013

We are proud to announce the launch of the the University of Leeds’ Centre for Operations and Supply Chain Research (COSCR) website

COSCR is a multi-disciplinary research centre that focuses on developing and disseminating knowledge in operations and supply chain management, as well as advancing managerial practices. Our research aims to benefit students, academic researchers, policy/decision makers, management consultants, public and business managers, and the wider societies.

COSCR conducts scholarly and rigorous researhc using a mixture of methods including theory construction, modelling, testing and developmenet of application-based tools. The centre focuses on the following research streams:

  • Supply chain resilience and sustainability
  • Performance and programme management
  • Technology, networks and innovation
  • Digital supply chain and economy
  • Service operations and supply chain

Post-doc Research Fellow Application Due 11 April 2013

Chee : 24 March 2013

Research Fellow/Research Officer
Part-time, 18.75 hours per week

Fixed term contract from 1st May 2013 and 30th April 2014 To contribute to the ESRC (Bilateral) research project on green supply chain integration in the School of Business. This project aims to identify effective practices of green supply chain integration that can simultaneously improve operational and environmental performance of firms from developing and developed countries.
You will hold, or be close to obtaining, a PhD in a relevant area of study and be willing to take on a variety of tasks, primarily experimentally based, and have a strong practical aptitude supported by good theoretical and computational skills.
Further information about the Faculty is available using the following web link and
University Grade 6 (£24,766 – £29,541 p.a. pro-rata.)
Informal enquiries may be made to Professor Chee Wong, tel +44 (0)113 343 8945, email
If you have any specific enquiries about your online application please contact the Faculty HR Team
Closing Date: 11 April 2013
Job Ref: LUBS0171

Industrial seminar at Thammasat Business School (29/11/2012)

Chee : 13 February 2013

On 29th November 2012 Professor Chee Yew Wong and Dr Sakun Boon-itt delivered a seminar for participants from Thai industries at Thammasat Business School. The title of the seminar was “Integrating environmental management into the supply chains”. The seminar was well attended by managers and executives from various industries. The seminars provided some thoughts and frameworks for managers to integrate environmental management best-practices into their supply chains. It forms part of the Thammasat Business School’s CONC Thammasat Forum, specifically designed for transferring novel research findings to the industries.

Collaborative workshop at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong (Oct-2012)

Chee : 13 February 2013

During October 2012, Professor Chee Yew Wong and Dr. Sakun Boon-itt visited Dr. Christina Wong as visiting scholars at the Textiles and Clothing of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. The team worked together in a collaborative workshop to develop theoretical frameworks for the project. The theoretical frameworks will be used to develop survey instrument for the study of green supply chain integration.

Project kick-off at Amsterdam POMS World / EurOMA conference (03/07/2012)

Chee : 13 February 2013

On 3rd July 2012 Professor Chee Yew Wong, Dr. Chrisrtina Wong and Dr Sakun Boon-itt gathered together at Amsterdam to kick off the project. They also presented three papers at the POMs (Production and Operation Management Association) World and EurOMA (European Operations Management Association) annual conference.

  • Wong, C.W.Y., Boon-itt, S., Wong, C.Y. and Lun, V.Y.H. (2012), Green service practices and their performance implications, POMs World Conference, Amsterdam, July 2012.
  • Abbasi, M.N. and Wong. C.Y. (2012), The integration of supply chain processes across a multi-tier automotive supply chain, POMs World Conference, Amsterdam, July 2012.
  • Wong, C.Y., Grant, D.B., Fleschhutt, L. (2012), Supply chain management for SMEs: lessons learned from knowledge transfer projects, POMs World Conference, Amsterdam, July 2012.

 The first conference paper above has been submitted to Service Science and it has been accepted and available online:

  • Wong, C.W.Y., Boon-itt, S., Wong, C.Y. (2013), Green service practices: performance implications and the roles of environmental management systems, Service Science, forthcoming, doi:10.1287/serv.1120.0037

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